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You Wash and I’ll Dry!

January 24, 2007


So, I happen to be married to a beautiful woman.  We’ve been married for 74 days and about 5 hours at the time of this post.  So far, I’ve learned a few things and I’ve relearned a few things, but mostly I’m having the happiness of my life.  Of course, I’m only 26 years old and I don’t know anything about anything, but I do know that I love the pants off my wife!  (yea, that’s a double meaning – I’m an artist so get used to seeing that type of thing here.) 

One thing that we’ve noticed is that there are certain chores that each of us prefers not to do.  WideEyedWonder does not like to dry the dishes.  (yes, we are living in a house without a dishwasher, BUT!  we do have our washer and dryer in the kitchen.  This feature makes cooking and laundry so easy that I recommend this configuration to everyone.  Not to mention the extra countertop space…. plush.)  Meanwhile, I’m not particularily excited about washing dishes.  Hopefully, I don’t need to spell out how nicely this works out for us, but I’ll do it anyway because I don’t trust you.  She washes and I dry.  During this chore, we can talk and I can pester my lovely bride.  This method has changed this from a chore into a fun game that’s also productive.  I didn’t think such things were possible, but this is one of the many wonderful suprises that I’ve encountered in the best 74 days and 5 hours of my life.  It’s not always this much fun.  Sometimes, I do the dishes alone or she may clean the bathroom (who knew those needed to be cleaned more than once every 6 months?).  However, I always look forward to doing chores when we are doing them together and suddenly those chores aren’t so bad at all.  I’ve got my buddy with me and we’re mixing it up.  In no time at all the chores are done.  After that we can play Scrabble, watch TV or a movie, geek out on the comps, or see if any of my suggestive comments become more than comments. 

Of course, marriage has its challenges.  There are miscommunications, mix-ups, and the occasional request.  All of these things are part of living with someone closely day in and day out, but it helps to know that with all these oddities the overwhelming majority of the time is spent in happiness and gratitude.  There’s a lot of giving, of love, and a massive amount of grace.  And some of the best times start with “I’ll wash if you dry.”


I’m not implying anything…

January 21, 2007


I just thought this was a nice gesture.  New post coming soon… probably.


January 19, 2007


 I just lost a game of scrabble to WideEyedWonder.  It’s okay though… that game is a scam and WideEyedWonder is a magic-using elvish orc!  OOOoOOoO PWNED!  Yea, that’s right!  You heard it here first, folks. 

The Game of Kings

January 18, 2007

4 Day Theory

I’m confident that no one will read this blog other than people I know.  However, there is the possibility that someone will stumble upon this blog and not know what the hell I’m talking about.  So!  In all fairness to those who don’t know about Munchkin, I have to explain that I’m simply the best Munchkin player ever. Yes. It’s true. My competition? Peasants. And I don’t mind telling them that they are peasants.   I don’t care if you’ve played a thousand times or if this is your first game!  I will tell you straight up – You’re about to get owned…. bitch

Some people, including my bitches, say that I don’t win every time and that’s true.  They say things like, “4Day, you’re a moron and I want you to die in a fire!”  That’s ridiculous.  I’m the Dragon.  So, you may hear or see things that would lead you to believe that I am not the best, but I’m here to tell you the truth!  That’s what the 4DayTheory is all about.  The truth is that I really am the best.  I’ve had some fans recently ask me what the three chief virtues of being a gosu munchkin player are.  It’s simple.  It’s the same three virtues that are used in Life.  Skill, Vigilance, and a little Luck. 

Recently, WideEyedWonder and I have been playing Munchkin with Brett, Randy, and John.  It’s in this game that I understand that my wife can be vicious.  She’s devious!  Of course she’s still a peasant, but I’d put her on par with some of the other great players.  Players like Chris, Steve Cave, and Dan Oxford (certainly not Cecilia – she’s never one a game).  What WeW lacks in familiarity with the game she makes up for in fire & brimstone.  I previously mentioned Brett.  He’s my cousin and his playing style is like his style in life.  At the first downturn, he focuses all of his hate on me and stops trying to “win”.  Once this happens, winning for him is making sure that I lose.  This is the common though process of a peasant.  Noble as it may seem, it actually doesn’t help you win in the traditional sense… and we’re all about tradition.  Randy is timid and I almost feel bad beating him.  John is still trying to figure things out, but he’s a bit behind the eight ball (whatever that means). 

Some of you may be wondering where this post is going.  Well, it’s leading you right to this point where I tell you what I’ve told you all along.  I’m the greatest Munchkin player ever.  This is the one thing in life that I’m the best at.  Ever.  Yep, peaked on the wrong thing and peaked early, but at least I peaked.

 I win.  One to nothing.

I immediately regret this decision…

January 16, 2007

4 Day Theory

The big news can all be found here. Stacey’s site is far more classy and coherent. Of course, if you’re at my blog then you probably have no idea what the hell is going on. Let me be the first to say “Welcome to the World Wide Web!” and “I apologize for everything you read and see here”.

There is one thing that you want to keep in mind whilst browsing this blog. I’m an English major. Normally that would mean that the author has excellent grammar and spelling.  Lucky for you that’s exactly what you’re going to get, but I’m going to use the NEW grammar & spelling.  That means that I can do whatever I want because I’m creating this new grammar & spelling.  I’m an arteest. 

Well..  I’m going to go work on everything else… 

 I hate you….probably.